You wake up after an unknown amount of time in a room. You currently lie on a woolen mattress bed in the corner, clothed. However, all of your supplies are gone from your person. An old man in a chair regards you with a kind look in his eye as you wake up. You find very quickly that you cannot move or speak.

The old man chuckles.

"Finally! You're awake. My Master will be pleased. You have much work to do! I have been sent to give you a…debriefing, if you will." He clears his throat, as if preparing to recite a speech. "Arkaydia is a continent of wonders and mystery. It is full of fantastical people, creatures, and obstacles for adventurers.  Adventuring as a profession should not be taken lightly in this world, especially not for new adventurers, like yourselves. You will be given a mission, a party, and supplies. My Master will tell you what you are to do. So get up! You've got a job to do, young one!"

He stands up to leave the room, and you pass back out. 

You awaken an indeterminate amount of time later, able to move, alone…




Creating a Character

A Little Bit of Background

The Arkaydia Campaign