Creating a Character

On this page you find the ins and outs of allowed things for this campaign. If it or any of its archetypes are not allowed, they are not allowed. 

Because of how you are starting this adventure, you are not allowed to tell anyone else in the group about your character. Not their back story, not their build, nothing. Please, follow this rule. It will make sense in the beginning of the first session. 


Core only. This means: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-orc and Halflings only. 


All casters must be Sphere Casters in this campaign. See the wiki for that HERE

Outside of Sphere Casters, the other allowed classes are as follows: Fighter, Ranger, Hunter, Unchained Rogue, Barbarian, Unchained Monk, Paladin, Brawler, Investigator, Slayer, and Swashbuckler. Any of the above listed classes that cast must be used off of the Spheres of Power Page.

You'll be using the point buy system for ease, since I can't be there to see you roll. It'll be a 20 Point Buy. I reccommend this app. 

You are level 1. We will not be using the XP system, you'll level as I tell you that you do.

You get no starting equipment or money, except for your clothing. Your clothes are any set of clothing off of the equipment page worth 10 gp or less. If you are to start with a focus, such as through the Focus Casting Drawback, you do not start with this item. You start with clothes. That's it. 

The only 3rd Party content available to players is Spheres of Power, nothing else. 

None of the play testing material is allowed. 

Any of the High Tech archetypes for the above allowed classes are banned. 

Creating a Character

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