The Rules

This section is the 'Meta' rules section. These are the rules that you as players need to follow! As long as everyone sticks to these rules, we'll all have fun!

1). You've been warned: This will not be an easy campaign. Characters will die. Not everything is made to be beatable. It will be short, brutal, and pricey. By pricey, I mean that everything comes with a cost. Sometimes winning the battle is not as important as winning the war….

2). In tandem with the difficulty level, some salt is expected. However, I do not tolerate in-fighting, rules-lawyering, or overly salty arguing. Everyone is in this to have fun. Also please be aware that if you choose to leave the group, you will not be invited back. Players leaving mid session or mid campaign due to salt disrupts the flow for everyone else and isn't tolerated. 

3). If you have a question, ask me! I've had problems in the past where when someone had a question, they bypassed me to ask others in the group without my knowledge, and there ended up being character-changing misunderstandings. Please do not do this: I'm here as the GM for a reason, ask if you need help.

4). If you cannot show up for a session, that is fine. However, I need at least an hour of fair warning unless there is an emergency. Please do not just decide to tell me late and not show up. 

5). And finally: All GM decisions are final. If I make a call that something does or does not work, that is the end of it. There are situations, puzzles, and monsters in this campaign that operate off of different rules systems than base pathfinder that you will not be meta-privvy to. Therefore, to avoid tangents and huge rules discussions: If I say something on the rules, that is the final call. 

The Rules

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