The Story so Far....

After The Creator descended to lift the darkness from the world, things became better quickly. However, 'better' does not mean 'entirely safe'.

Monsters roam the wilderness outside of civilization, picking off travelers and adventurers stupid enough to travel alone. Cults worshipping the darkness and the chaos that came with it hide in the warrens and caverns under the land.

The Creator, from his citadel sends forth groups of the skilled and the headstrong to rid the land of these evils. He attempts to not interfere much, stating cryptically "The world must do as it will", waving off those who say that he had already intervened on their behalf, and that he should do so again. 

Growing up in this land was rough. Your first level was gained through the sheer grind of daily life.  In the cities, there were never enough guards to watch everything. Petty crime itself is looked over for the most part, in favor of focusing on the more violent offenses.  If you lived outside of a city, it was even more brutal. Even walking through town squares after dark was asking for harm.

Metals and other things are still more rare than in a typical world. Most of the druids hae vanished in the the wilds, their magics corrupted and twisted by the darkness that had pervaded the lad for so long. 

In this land, no one is special. People die all the time due to bad timing, bad luck, or bad decisions. The cemeteries are full,  causing families to start burying their dead on their own properties. Traveling from city to city is almost a death sentence. 

Good luck…

The Story so Far....

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