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The world had fallen into ruin. Without adventurers to stop the spread of the darkness, it ran rampant. Lycanthropes, Doppelgangers, and other monstrosities thought to be bound by the pages of fiction suddenly were very much real. The magic of the world grew sick, twisting itself and the intentions of those who would wield it.

 Almost a millennia of this passed, humanity losing its foothold in the world and slowly succumbing to the dark…

Then, The Creator had had enough. 70 years ago He stepped down from the heavens into semi-mortal form, rallying what was left of His children to fight back. He brought the light back into the world, but did not leave when He was done. Instead, He took the throne. Though a wise and caring ruler toward His people, it could not be said that He was free of ulterior motives completely. After all, who can claim to know the mind of a god…?

The Story So Far

Main Page

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